Against New Games

Harmful Practices

Extortion Industry


Against New Games was penned sometime in January 2019 and thereafter circulated between an anonymous group of correspondents. It was edited and published online the following month.

The manifesto expresses an increasingly minority position often found shared in corners of the videogame hobbyist community, yet never given a full platform or voice. The videogame industry has pushed more and more of its deepest fans away, leading many of us who have not yet entirely given up on the medium to privately practice the until-now unwritten rules we are now advocating.

"Extortion Industry" was shared in response to Against New Games. Taking an even more extreme and unforgiving stance, it's a worthwhile contribution to the conversation. With the author's blessings, we edited and formatted the text for publication alongside Against New Games.

"Harmul Practices" is a WIP document listing some of the insidious practices commonplace in the industry today.


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